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About ENCO Systems

ENCO cut its teeth building process control software for mission-critical industrial applications back in 1983. Control and automation are at the company’s core. Building on our expertise in automation technology and an in-depth understanding of challenges faced by television and radio broadcasters, we focused on applying automation to broadcasting. In 1991, ENCO’s first digital audio delivery system, DAD, replaced mechanical CART systems while also innovating with a breakthrough touch-screen human interface. DAD increased flexibility and productivity for broadcasters and enabled trouble-free automated formats that could run for days without intervention.In 2005 we applied our innovative approach towards automatic speech recognition technology. With the more recent advent of artificial intelligence, we have grown enCaption into a major market solution serving broadcasters of all sizes. enCaption allows broadcasters to reduce their operating costs by automating open and closed captioning workflows. enCaption is a turn-key, patented solution available on-premise or in the cloud with, WebDAD.Other innovations in our history include harnessing our DAD platform to address the playout automation needs of video broadcasting with ClipFire. Further, our HotShot instant audio playout system added enterprise-level logging and reporting features, making it an easy choice for the largest of sports broadcast networks, mobile production fleets, and big-league venues the world over.

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